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Monthly Archives: November 2009

How "Twilight" should have ended.

Oh, if only...

I’m not a fan of the Twilight “saga” for many reasons, among them the relationship between Bella and Edward. I’ve been saying all along that it’s an abusive relationship, that Edward treats Bella like utter crap, and Bella is a moron for staying with him. I’ve been told that I just don’t understand, that their love is different, blah blah blah.

I know, and have known, that I’m not the only one who has come to this realization, but I lacked concrete verification of my theory. Thanks to geek emporium io9 and an insightful LiveJournal writer, I have that verification. Hit the jump for a heaping dose of TRUTH.

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Ray Bradbury is one of the best science fiction authors ever. That goes pretty much without saying. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t read much of his work, but I’ve loved everything by him that I have read and I am excited to delve into The Illustrated Man over my long Christmas break. For now, I’ll have to content myself with “A Sound of Thunder,” his short story about the dangers of time travel, which you can read online for free. This story is easily my favorite short story ever. Time travel is among my favorite subjects to ponder and write about, and I am a big fan of Chaos Theory. Bradbury takes both, adds dinosaurs, and gives us a wonderful story that never gets old, no matter how many times I read it. Enjoy.

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