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A blog about all things cool and nerdy.

In which I announce an upcoming project in order to keep myself accountable for it.



In an effort to both expand my DIY horizons and find new ways to gush about stuff I like and rant about stuff I don’t, I am going to start a podcast relatively soon. By “relatively” I mean “after finals are over.” I would like nothing more than to start working on a podcast right away, but right now I’m more than a little swamped.

I don’t have a title yet, but the show will focus (if you can call it “focus”) on geeky pursuits that my cohorts and I enjoy such as movies, video games, TV, comics, and pop culture in general.

I understand that the market is already stuffed with geek-themed podcasts, so I’m taking the time to make sure this one is unique and fun. Expect the first episode shortly after the first of the new year.

Further bulletins will be posted as events warrant.

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