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In which I apologize profusely to Twilight’s Taylor Lautner for anything bad about him that I may or may not have said.


I have mad respect for martial artists. I’m a kung fu film junkie to the core. One of my goals in life is to learn a martial art, but as of yet my laziness and schoolwork have teamed up to keep me from learning how to bust some faces.

I also can’t stand the Twilight saga. At all. I won’t rag on it right now, but I can rant for hours about that insipid pile of crap. I’m pretty sure I’ve made fun of every actor/actress who ambled listlessly through the horrendous first movie, but now I may have to eat at least a few of those words.

Taylor Lautner, who played the (non-werewolf) werewolf love-interest something or other in the recently released New Moon, is apparently a long time karate practitioner. As in, has been doing this for years, because he wanted to, not because a film role called for it. The best part is, he’s actually quite good. Check out the floor demo he performed on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live, embedded below.


While it certainly doesn’t excuse him from appearing in the tween-screams that have made him a gigantohumungoid star, I have to recognize the dude’s obvious talent. I can only hope that he makes the most of his abilities and shows up in a martial arts flick. Despite my animosity towards anything Twilight related, I’ll be the first in line to see Lautner wreck some baddies with that bo staff.

Via Kung Fu Cinema

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