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I recently discovered Twisted Pixel Games through ‘Splosion Man, their maddeningly addictive platform title from the XBox Live Arcade, which is slowly killing me through sleep-deprivation. I’ve played the demo for their first title The Maw and enjoyed it a lot; I’ll pick it up once I take a break from this whole “broke college kid” thing I’ve got going on now.

I’ve definitely become a huge fan of Twisted Pixel. I love the enthusiasm and pure joy that just oozes out of ‘Splosion Man at every turn. The cartoonishly silly world and the insidiously clever traps and puzzles combine with the deceptively simple gameplay mechanic (you ‘splode to do everything; jump, attack, interact, etc. is all done by ‘sploding) to make an electric gaming experience that I just can’t get enough of. But this is perfectly good material I could use for another article, so I’ll get on with the story.

This is likely old news to many, but Twisted Pixel has announced a third original title called  Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley. I’ll let the reveal video from PAX 2009 speak for itself.

Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley is slated to release sometime this year. Awesome.

Via Joystiq


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