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You guys, I frigging love t-shirts. And popsicles, but that’s wholly beside the point. Almost all of the tees I have come from awesome places on the internet like Shirt.Woot, TeeFury, and J!NX, all of which feature pretty reasonably priced merchandise. Unfortunately, most of the coolest shirts on the internet are created by independent designers, guys who pay for the material and the screen printing and the advertising and the shipping out-of-pocket. This tends to push the prices of their excellent product out of my price range, leaving me to salivate and dream about rocking such cool threads and turning lots of heads. So here are five tees that I absolutely love but can’t afford.

#1 – John Wayne’s World

Asphinctersayswhat, pilgrim?

I love a good mashup. Combining Wayne and Garth’s supremely goofy antics with the Duke’s steely stare is just fantastic. Artist Reece Ward created a clean and simple design that weighs in at a solid $24.14, just out of my price range.

#2 – Salsacrifice

The gods demand...FLAVOR.

Just scoping this shirt out is making me hungry. I love the juxtaposition of the cute cartoony vegetables with their grim and delicious fate. Wenceslao Almazan designed this rad entry to Threadless’ Select series which is sitting pretty atop a $25 price tag.
UPDATE: It would appear that this shirt was marked down to $10 when I wasn’t looking and then it sold out. Dang.

#3 – Sharktopus

Created in anticipation of Roger Corman’s upcoming opus Sharktopus, Carson Cornett’s shirt design has a beautifully detailed comic book style that I absolutely love. Of course it’s the most expensive shirt in the lineup, costing a pretty $26. C’est la vie.

#4 – The Creature in the Darkness

Easily the most simple shirt in the list, Rich Burlew’s Creature in the Darkness shirt comes from Burlew’s excellent webcomic Order of the Stick, which if you aren’t already reading START. Internet cool of this caliber will cost you $24.99 though.

#5 – Clash of the Titans

I really dig the old school fight poster design of this tee. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see a bear throw down with a robot? Sad people, that’s who. Rocking Bear Annihilator’s particular brand of radical will set you back $24.


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