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In which I babble uncontrollably about how awesome the new trailer for Sucker Punch is.


No words... should have sent... a poet...

Sometimes I wonder if artists aren’t creating for me specifically. When I am exposed to things like the trailer to Zack Snyder’s (300, Watchmen), I feel like I have my confirmation. Hit the jump to see the trailer and my effusive gushing.

There is so much happening in this trailer, and I am completely in love with all of it. Samurai with miniguns, WWI-era biplanes fighting dragons, gorgeous girls, incredible shots of planets, David Carradine, giants mech suits, and so much more. From the looks of this trailer, Snyder has perfectly mashed up all that is good in life into one crazy, epic brainbuster of a film. I don’t have any actual criticisms of the trailer or any thoughts other than “OMG that blimp just explo-DRAGON!”, so I’ll just let you watch the trailer another few hundred times. March 25, 2011 cannot come soon enough for my tastes.

Stray Thoughts:
– The trailer hit us with a lot of intensely detailed shots at an incredible pace, so many viewers may have missed some really cool stuff. Not to worry, the amazing /Film has a fantastic gallery of 70 high-res images from the trailer.

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