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The punk rock ethos is very near and dear to my heart. I’ve always been drawn to people with the DIY mentality, be they authors or musicians or artists or filmmakers. So when a friend shared an article with me about an emerging group of young Muslim and Hindu punk rock bands in America, I was immediately interested. The San Francisco Chronicle does a much better job reporting on the new scene than I could, so go read the article and then come back. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

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Once in a long while, a rare type of song comes along. A song you never want to end. A Song so pure and powerful that it seems amplifiers and bass boost were made for it. A Song that will not, cannot, lose their impact for you, no matter how many hours you put it on loop. A Song that don’t just encapsulate a particular feeling or time in your life, but embodies all things good in life.

For me, “Paradise on E” by B0UNC3 is that song.

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